Are you going to clean aluminum objects ultrasonic? Then it is important that you pay attention to what ultrasonic liquid you use. Some cleaners are not suitable for aluminum, this can cause your objects to be damaged or to oxidize.

Pay attention to the ultrasonic cleaning of aluminum

Aluminum is lightweight metal. It is strong and light, but also sensitive to some substances. For example, it is important that you take into account:

  • Alkaline cleaning agents
  • Hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid-containing products

This does not mean that you cannot use alkaline cleaners. There are ultrasonic liquids that are alkaline and are suitable aluminum products. It is therefore important to get the packaging of the ultrasonic cleaner fluid. If nothing is stated clearly, ask the seller for advice.

Which ultrasonic cleaner for aluminum?

Does it actually matter which ultrasonic cleaner you use for aluminum? No, in principle not. It is important to look carefully at the objects to be cleaned. For example, are you going to ultrasonically clean carburetors? Then it is important that the ultrasonic cleaner is large enough for the carburetor. Furthermore, when ultrasonic cleaning, it is especially important to follow the instructions of the ultrasonic cleaning fluid. Make sure you add the correct amount and set the ultrasonic cleaner to the correct temperature. Don't forget the after-treatment after ultrasonic cleaning.

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